Buyers from Nevada have hired a custom home builder, Rick Anderson, because they wanted their ideal retirement home but could not find it in the existing inventory of homes for sale, even in this market where the inventory is large.  How can that be?

You would think that with so many homes for sale and with prices lower than they’ve been in a long time, that there would be any number of homes to pick from, but it ain’t so!

Rick and Marilyn sold their home in Henderson, Nevada, and planned to buy a home in Sequim, their ideal retirement home, the home they plan to live in the rest of their lives.  After months of communicating by email and on the phone, we narrowed down the list of prospects to about a dozen homes.  But none of these homes had all of the features they wanted, and only a couple of them had the panoramic view of the Olympic Mountain range.

Some homes came close, but Rick and Marilyn didn’t want to compromise for less than they wanted, especially because this is what they are calling their last home.  This is totally understandable.  Who wants to live out their retirement dream in a home that isn’t really what you would call your perfect home?

While we were driving around we began to look at lots.  Standing on a gorgeous five acre lot in Sequim with a stunning panoramic view of the Olympic Mountains answered their questions.  Before making an offer they met with Rick Anderson to discuss building their own home, and then they spent time walking the lot with Rick to consider a site plan and their ideal house plan.

Rick and Marilyn were able to share with Rick Anderson what they wanted most in a home, and with some adjustments to a beautiful architectural plan, one Rick had built for previous clients, they were able to focus in on the perfect home on the perfect lot in the perfect little Rain Shadow known as Sequim.

Their home is a single level craftsman style with lots of natural light and huge window facing the mountains, hardwood floors throughout the house, except for the bedrooms with carpet and the kitchen with tile floors.  The countertops will be granite and the cabinets are to be custom built to match the overall scheme.  They chose high quality appliances, because for Rick and Marilyn the kitchen is a showroom destination in their home.

Are Rick and Marilyn excited?  In abbreviated form like the texting kids do on cell phones these days, the answer would be “OMG,” which of course stands for “Oh my God!”  Yes, these clients are excited.  Yes, they cannot wait to get their home built and get moved in.  Yes, I am invited to dinner in their new home.

If you can’t find an existing home that really turns you on, maybe you should consider building.  Many are these days, and it may be the answer to living in the ideal retirement home.